Help without Judgment

Many people suffering from addiction looking for a life of sobriety are turned away from seeking help from fear of judgment. Society and even friends or family may pass judgment on someone whose addiction to have led to substance abuse, but at Drug Rehab Texas, we believe that this is counterproductive to recovery.

Drug Rehab Texas group hug

By employing dual diagnosis with a team of both physicians and psychiatrists, we believe that both a physical and emotional healing must take place in order for our clients to get relief from addiction. Drug Rehab Texas is ready to help you change your life without judgment and return you to your full potential. It is difficult to seek help without knowing that is on the other side, but we have a clear purpose and a clear goal–helping you rid yourself of your drug addiction.

Because Drug Rehab Texas conducts treatment through dual diagnosis, physicians qualified in identifying and addressing a physical drug addiction are able to help our clients detox physically. Withdrawal symptoms are not to be underestimated in their ability to inhibit a full recovery. They can include anxiety, irritability, insomnia, depression, and headaches. Our physicians focused on the body will help to detoxify the body of drugs and help to alleviate these withdrawal symptoms. At the same time, we strive to closely monitor our client’s progress so that the recovery and be a permanent one.

Our psychiatrists, on the other hand, work with the mental and emotional wellbeing of our clients. Without judgment, they are able to work through the psychological effects left from substance abuse. Addiction is a complex, chronic brain disease that cannot be cured through physical medicine alone. Drugs change the brain in ways that make it difficult to stop. Furthermore, addictions are often rooted psychologically and require therapy to cure. Only a specialist focused on the mind can help to shape behaviors and help to change them permanently. These trained addiction psychiatrists are also experienced in helping clients to feel like they belong, that their problem is not unusual. This can be further fostered through the environment at Drug Rehab Texas, where our collective identity helps to remove judgment from the process and aggregate our goals into one.

Specialized addiction therapists will help to work with you throughout the entire process of your 30, 60, or 90 day detox period. We believe that by focusing on both the physical and the psychological, we can take a dual-pronged approach to healing even the most stubborn addictions. No single factor can determine whether or not a person becomes addicted to drugs, so no single approach can cure addiction either. We tailor individual programs for your specific experience, not shoehorn you into a one size fits all model.

Beyond healthcare, we also offer group activities that will foster a sense of camaraderie and collective support. Lead by our providers, we offer meditation, hiking, yoga, and many other activities to keep your mind off your addiction and to help you feel like you belong in a community of like-minded individuals. Everyone at Drug Rehab Texas has the same goal, which is to live a free life to its fullest potential, and there is no judgment from any of the other clients or the staff. Drug Rehab Texas is a safe space for anyone brave enough to seek help.

If you are in Alabama and are seeking help for your drug addiction, you do not have to recover alone. Take advantage of our full team of physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, and case managers. Our comprehensive care at Drug Rehab Texas can be tailored for any individual case. Contact us today so you can begin your recovery as soon as possible.